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About HRUI

Development History


· Mainly produce video optical transceivers and Media converters.

Team Expansion

· Establish the e-commerce department and the foreign trade department.
· New product line of optical fiber switches and telephone optical transceivers.

Performance take off

· Factory relocated, covering an area of 1500㎡.
· New product line:  PoE switch, HD optical transceiver.
· Set up various functional departments, start operating the enterprise systematically.
· Annual performance growth rate reached 85%.

Honor Year

· New product line of industrial-grade switches.
· Implant military quality and develop R&D concepts for stability.
· Won the national high-tech enterprise, 3 utility model patents, 8 soft works and 3 
  appearance patents, etc.
· The annual performance of the Ministry of Foreign Trade increased by 174%.
· The relocation area of the factory is 2500㎡.

Management Year

· Promote cultural construction, implement salary reform, standardize recruitment 
  process, establish conference system, sort out organizational structure, implement 
  performance appraisal, and establish training system.
· Establish a manufacturing center to manage the delivery link in a unified manner.
· Expansion of the factory, adding an area of 1200㎡, total 2700㎡.

5 years, the original intention remains unchanged

· PoE switches sales performance continue to increase, with annual performance
  growth exceeding 50%.
· Vigorously improve quality control and comprehensive production efficiency.
· Invested in SMT factory.
· Held the 5th anniversary celebration, put forward the goal of reaching 1 billion
  annual sales in 5 years, as well as the vision of IPO in the future and building a 
  benchmark enterprise in the industry.

Set sail to overseas countries, new products continue

· Intensify overseas promotion, and the annual performance of the 
  Ministry of Foreign Trade increased by 98%.
· Launched Genius series PoE switches, 2.5G industrial switches, BT90W
  PoE switches and PoE Injector.
· Self-developed power supply has entered the trial production stage.
· 10G core switches entered the trial production stage.

Brand upgrade, self-produced power supply

· The brand logo has been upgraded, the brand image has been improved.
· Independently researched and developed power supplies for mass production and
  use, and their stability is well received by customers.
· Software successfully docked with cloud management platform.
· The factory moved to an area of 6000㎡.
· During the Covid-19, the annual performance growth still exceeded 40%.

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