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Supplier Recommendation

Supplier self-recommended process

process considerations

  • 01. Potential suppliers need to fill in the supplier information survey form (basic information/manufacturing/R&D/quality/delivery/raw material control/environmental protection, etc.) and submit company qualification certificates.
  • 02. On-site inspection of new suppliers, the audit needs to focus on: quality management system, R&D/quality, product realization, supply chain management, environmental protection issues improvement, etc.
  • 03. The supplier information questionnaire and company qualification certificate are uniformly sent to the purchasing department mailbox by email, and the purchasing staff will collect and delete them regularly at the end of each month to form a list.
  • 04. Entering the list of qualified suppliers is a prerequisite for cooperation with HRUI Hongrui. After sample certification, batch certification, etc. are released, cooperation will be started in accordance with the needs.

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