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26-Port Gigabit Intelligent PoE Switch—HR200-AFG-242S-400


Product Description:

Gigabit intelligent PoE switch, with 24*Gigabit PoE ports + 2*Gigabit uplink SFP ports, IEEE 802.3af/at standard, bandwidth 52Gbps, total power 400W, 1-8 ports support QoS, surpport port isolation and 250m transmission, suitable for -10~50℃ wide temperature environment, 1U rack-mounted

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Featuresand Benefits Parameter Product structure Application topology

· 24*Gigabit PoE ports + 2*Gigabit uplink SFP ports
· IEEE 802.3af/at standard, total power 400W
· 1-8 ports support QoS function
· One-click smart dial mode, support port isolation, 250 meters extend
· Panel indicators to monitor working status and help fault analysis
· Suitable for -10~50℃ wide temperature environment
· 1U rack-mounted

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