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Urban Comprehensive Pipe Gallery System Solution

Underground comprehensive pipe gallery is a kind of public infrastructure formed by placing two or more pipelines in it. It is the development direction of urban lifeline engineering infrastructure.The Underground comprehensive pipe gallery system not only solves the problem of urban traffic congestion, but also tremendous facilitates the maintenance and repair of municipal facilities such as power, communication, gas, water supply and drainage.

Industry Project OverviewSystem Topology Diagram

? Scheme Introduction

Composite pipe gallery is a comprehensive underground city pipeline corridor, which built a tunnel in the urban underground space, the electric power, communication, gas, heating, water supply and drainage and other engineering pipeline to set at an organic whole. It is equipped with special access port, lifting port and monitoring system to implement unified planning, design, construction and management, which is the "lifeline" to ensure the normal operation of the city. Based on the requirements of the field management and control of the pipe gallery, the urban integrated pipe gallery system strengthens the comprehensive processing capacity of safety warning, data collection, environmental monitoring and other aspects, has good compatibility and extensibility, and helps the pipe gallery to realize intelligent monitoring and operation and maintenance.

? Structure Diagram

? Scheme Advantage

· From access to the core end-to-end integrated transmission solution, unified brand and good compatibility.
· Both access and convergence are networked by ring network, which has high reliability.
· Adopts ERPS ring protocol, the recovery time of ring protection is less than 12 ms.
· High-performance industrial switches are used for convergence and access.
· High backboard bandwidth, large capacity cache to ensure fast forwarding of network data services.
· It uses four-level industrial standard design to ensure stable and reliable network application.
· Workin temperature: -40~85°C, working humidity: 5%~95%.
· It has good resistance to high and low temperatures, dust and moisture, and corrosion.

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