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Road Monitoring Bayonet System Solution

With the large-scale popularization and application of motor vehicles, various motor vehicle related violations began to breed and spread. The collection, statistics and analysis of road traffic accidents and the continuous automatic detection and recording of motor vehicles running red lights are important means to curb motor vehicles running red lights, so as to improve the urban road traffic environment and improve the public travel safety factor.

Industry Project OverviewSystem Topology Diagram

? Scheme Introduction

As an important part of urban intelligent transportation system, road monitoring bayonets are usually used in urban expressways, expressways, transit highways and other places. The front end of the system is generally equipped with high-definition camera, ground sensor, intelligent detection host and other monitoring equipment; The mature industrial Ethernet technology is adopted to build an efficient and stable data information transmission network, which is connected with the back-end integrated supervision center. By using advanced optic electronic technology, image processing technology, pattern recognition technology, etc, it can carry out all-weather real-time monitoring, automatic recording, intelligent identification and control and arrest for the motor vehicle lane and non-motor vehicle lane of the monitored section.

? Topology Diagram

? Scheme Advantage

· Adopts ERPS ring network protocol, and the self-healing recovery time of ring network protection is less than 12ms.
· Bypass + ERPS ring network and dual network protection mechanism can effectively solve single point and multi-point faults and ensure the normal operation of the network.
· All-gigabyte network access and 2.5G optical port convergence ensure fast forwarding of network data services.
· The all-optical networking structure improves the reliability of the system without worrying about the impact of lightning strikes and electromagnetic interference on the video signal.
· Strong environmental adaptability, working temperature: -40~85°C, and support 6KV lightning protection.
· Redundant power supply, wide voltage input, support overvoltage and overload protection, anti-reverse connection.
· Wall-mounted rail type installation enables fast installation and easy operation and maintenance.

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