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Intelligent Building Visual Intercom System Solution

Building intercom, namely in the multi-story or high-rise building homes and property management is to realize the visitors center can talk to each other Information communication and implement management system of access control system not only enhances the high-rise residential security work, but also greatly facilitate the residents, reduce many unnecessary fluctuation building, safe and reliable communication more convenient and quick.

Industry Project OverviewSystem Topology Diagram

? Scheme Introduction

Intelligent building visual intercom system is a modern community housing service measures. Community management center switchboard, building entrance intercom host, electronic lock, door closer and user home visual intercom extension, smart home and other network equipment, these devices use optical fiber network technology and Ethernet PoE power supply technology to transmit data in a unified manner. They can provide two-way video communication between visitors and households and achieve two-factor voice and image authentication and recognition, thus effectively increases the security and reliability of community, improves the overall management and service level of community housing, and creates a safe community living environment.

? Topology Diagram

? Scheme Advantage

· PoE power supply and network data transmission, saving engineering construction wiring and equipment laying, with have good economy.
· Full gigabit network communication connection to meet data transmission requirements such as large traffic, high bandwidth and low delay.
· Support optical fiber networking and photoelectric hybrid transmission to achieve a wide range of long-distance anti-jamming network communication coverage.
· 24V stable voltage output, supports PoE power supply detection, port protection, does not burn network devices.
· Rich port types, flexible port expansion, easy to use, plug and play, convenient fast and flexible networking.
· Excellent anti-lightning, anti-static and anti-electromagnetic interference ability, working temperature: -10~50°C and adapts to various harsh environments.

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