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Large-scale Wireless Networking Solution

Wireless network refers to the network that can realize the interconnection of various communication devices without wiring. In recent years, the development of wireless network is very rapid, and people's dependence on it is also gradually increasing. People prefer wireless networks to mobile networks because they are fast and easy to connect to.

Industry Project OverviewSystem Topology Diagram

? Scheme Introduction

Wireless network access has many problems, such as wide coverage area, dense access crowd and equipment, complex building structure, uneven network signal distribution, strong signal interference, and poor security control mechanism in real estate, hotel, venue, factory park, scenic area, storage, office, villa and other large places. It is quite difficult to achieve continuous secure, stable and smooth wireless network coverage. With the advanced Ethernet PoE power supply technology, network devices such as the AC manager, PoE switch, and wireless AP are integrated to build a large wireless transmission network, and providing perfect wireless network experience.

? Structure Diagram

? Scheme Advantage

· PoE power supply and network data transmission, saving engineering construction wiring and equipment laying, with have good economy.
· Full gigabit network communication connection to meet data transmission requirements such as large traffic, high bandwidth and low delay.
· Support optical fiber networking and photoelectric hybrid transmission to achieve a wide range of long-distance anti-jamming network communication coverage.
· 24V stable voltage output, supports PoE power supply detection, port protection, does not burn network devices.
· Rich port types, flexible port expansion, easy to use, plug and play, convenient fast and flexible networking.
· Excellent anti-lightning, anti-static and anti-electromagnetic interference ability, working temperature: -10~50°C and adapts to various harsh environments.

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