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Community Comprehensive Security System Solution

At present, community residents not only pursue high quality of life, but also pay special attention to the safety of life and property protection. Security system has become the basic configuration of intelligent community information system construction. The community security system provides wired and wireless integrated transmission and PoE power supply solutions to make community management more efficient, secure, and intelligent.

Industry Project OverviewSystem Topology Diagram

? Scheme Introduction

Community comprehensive security system solution, based on the optical fiber network technology and Ethernet PoE power supply technology, by integrating various terminal devices and network applications of security monitoring subsystems such as video surveillance, security alarm, face access control, parking management and public broadcasting in the community, a three-dimensional community security monitoring network is quickly constructed. While helping the public security, comprehensive administration and other government agencies to continuously improve the social security management ability, it can effectively strengthen the community intelligent security management level, widely used in government agencies, military barracks, industrial factory park, commercial buildings, medical education, hotels and other regional monitoring scenes.

? Topology Diagram

? Scheme Advantage

· PoE power supply and network data transmission, saving engineering construction wiring and equipment laying, with have good economy.
· Full gigabit network communication connection to meet data transmission requirements such as large traffic, high bandwidth and low delay.
· Support optical fiber networking and photoelectric hybrid transmission to achieve a wide range of long-distance anti-jamming network communication coverage.
· Product high backplane bandwidth, open race switching, full line speed forwarding, with speed data processing and signal transmission capabilities.
· Rich port types, flexible port expansion, easy to use, plug and play, convenient fast and flexible networking.
· Excellent anti-lightning, anti-static and anti-electromagnetic interference ability, working temperature: -10~50°C and adapts to various harsh environments.

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