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Coal Mine Integrated Automation System Solution

Most coal mines have built or will build a variety of automation systems, from the point of view of system engineering on the whole to carry on the unified automatic management of the mine, prevent the "information island" phenomenon, effectively integrate all kinds of resources and give play to the maximum benefit of automation integration, it is necessary to establish a unified coal mine integrated automation system.

Industry Project OverviewSystem Topology Diagram

? Scheme Introduction

Coal mine integrated automation system in coal mine, by using computer network, data communication, automatic control and other advanced technology, the industrial Ethernet ring network and fieldbus network as a platform, scattered in the bad environment, personnel, equipment, and build a coal mine with special installation requirements to meet the requirements of explosion-proof underground high-speed Internet. The core of the system is to establish an industrial digital network system with open protocol in the underground coal mine to transmit safety monitoring, monitoring, voice, video and image information, providing a reliable high-speed information platform for the comprehensive automation of the coal mine, which is of great significance to the safety production, manpower reduction and efficiency improvement and scientific management of the coal mine.

? Topology Diagram

? Scheme Advantage

· Support optical fiber networking and photoelectric hybrid transmission, to achieve a large range, long distance, anti-interference network communication coverage.
· Open-race switching, full-line fast forwarding of products, to meet the requirements of large traffic, high bandwidth, low delay and other data transmission.
· Dual power redundancy design, in case of power failure, can ensure a more durable and stable power supply.
· A variety of ring network types, rich networking mode, to meet the needs of industrial networking and communication control, convenient network expansion.
· The loop network self-healing technology is adopted, and the loop network self-healing time is less than or equal to 12ms to ensure the rapid healing of the transmission network in case of link failure.
· Industrial construction design, no fan, support DIN and rail mounting, strong protective housing, IP40 standard.
· Lightning and static, strong electromagnetic interference and surge resistance, working temperature: -40~85°C and adapts to various harsh environments.

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