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Urban Sewage Treatment And Control System Solution

Urban sewage treatment refers to the measures taken to change the nature of sewage so that it does not harm the environmental waters. Urban sewage treatment technology is to use a variety of facilities and equipment and technology, the sewage contained pollution substances from the water separation and removal, so that the harmful substances into harmless substances, useful substances, water is purified, and make full use of resources.

Industry Project OverviewSystem Topology Diagram

? Scheme Introduction

Urban sewage treatment project is the life sewage, industrial wastewater for centralized collection, transmission, processing, discharge processing system, including transport along the discharge pipe network, sewage pumping station, sewage treatment plant, discharge, system monitoring and control center, etc., whole process is complex, large equipment, and various processing nodes scattered, large coverage, affected by external environment. Urban sewage treatment control system, the use of industrial Ethernet technology, stable and reliable connection of each process node sensor, controller, monitoring equipment, etc., to achieve the system of the entire sewage treatment system remote monitoring and comprehensive management.

? Topology Diagram

? Scheme Advantage

· Support optical fiber networking and photoelectric hybrid transmission, to achieve a large range, long distance, anti-interference network communication coverage.
· Open-race switching, full-line fast forwarding of products, to meet the requirements of large traffic, high bandwidth, low delay and other data transmission.
· Dual power redundancy design, in case of power failure, can ensure a more durable and stable power supply.
· A variety of ring network types, rich networking mode, to meet the needs of industrial networking and communication control, convenient network expansion.
· The loop network self-healing technology is adopted, and the loop network self-healing time is less than or equal to 12ms to ensure the rapid healing of the transmission network in case of link failure.
· Supports Bypass Bypass protection to avoid full resistance caused by single point of failure and improve network reliability.
· Industrial construction design, no fan, support DIN and rail mounting, strong protective housing, IP40 standard.
· Lightning and static, strong electromagnetic interference and surge resistance, working temperature: -40~85°C and adapts to various harsh environments.

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